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For as long as I can remember, going all the back to my childhood, I have had an affinity for cars. In my family, cars were held in high regard. A clean and detailed car meant pride and respect. My father kept nice cars around the house and  he trusted me to keep them clean and protected. I became a ‘Car Guy’ like my father and I loved to make cars beautiful.

I began detailing other people’s cars: friends and family. I was referred to strangers who became dedicated clients in no time.  I extended my services to motorcycles, RV’s and watercrafts. February 2017 was when I decided to make myself official. DetailbyKC was born, delivering mobile car detailing services to people all over Rancho Cucamonga and the Greater Los Angeles area. I see car detail as an art and every automobile a canvas. Today, my pride and respect for beautiful cars keeps me performing the highest quality detailing for my clients. See what we have to offer!



Company Name:  – DetailbyKC
Casey Fielding:  – Owner
Address: 13495 Smokestone Street
Rancho Cucamonga, 91739, CA

Phone:  909) 395-6932
Hours:  Mon/Sat 9:00am/5:00pm

Email:  Detailbykc@gmail.com

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For your convenience, we are pleased to offer our clients onsite payments through Apple Pay.


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